9 Day tour package to Armenia - Best places in Armenia to visit

9-Day tour

Trip details

  • Arrival in Yerevan, meeting at the airport, transfer from the airport to the hotel, check in at the hotel.
  • 9:00 – Departure from the hotel
  • Your day will start with a sightseeing tour around Yerevan: general information about the capital city of Armenia, including visits to the Victory Park, on the territory of which the monument of Mother Armenia is located, Tsitsernakaberd – a monumental complex dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, and Cascade – an open-air museum. From Cascade starts 1-hour walking tour of the city center.
  • Later you will visit Vagharshapat city, one of the ancient capitals of Armenia (II century).
  • Mother Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin – the spiritual and administrative center of the Armenian Apostolic Church and all Armenians around the world.  The cathedral is often referred to as the Armenian Vatican and is considered to be the oldest church in the world.
  • The church of St. Hripsime (618), where up to 15 couples get married per day.
  • The church of St. Gayane, which, owing to its architecture, is considered to be the standard of the Armenian church building.
  • Return back to Yerevan
Duration: 7-8 hours
Distance: 80km
  • 9:00 – Check out from the hotel
  • The first sight of this day will be the only pagan temple of Garni (1st century) preserved on the territory of Armenia, dedicated to the Sun God Mithra.
  • Your trip will continue to Geghard cave monastery (XIII century). The monastery is named after the spear by which Jesus Christ was pierced during his crucifixion (Armenian word “geghard” literally means “spear”), which was kept here for many years.
  • Next stop will be the Symphony of Stones – a unique natural wonder consisting of hexagonal basalt cylinders at an altitude of approximately 50 meters. This non-man made phenomenon, formed as a result of the rapid freezing of magma, resembles organ pipes, which is why it received its second name “Basalt Organ”.
  • Returning to Yerevan you will have a tour of the museum of the Ararat Brandy Factory and get acquainted with one of the brands of Armenia – Armenian cognac.
  • Visit to the cognac cellar, where cognac is aged, with the introduction to the production of Armenian cognac.
  • After the tour, you will enjoy the tasting of 2 types of cognac.
  • Return to Yerevan.
Duration: 6-7 hours
Distance: 120km
  • 9:00 – Check out from the hotel
  • This day will start with a visit to Khor Virap Monastery, on the territory of which, according to legend, there was a deep dungeon for mortal prisoners (“khor virap” translated from Armenian means “deep pit/dungeon”), where our first Catholicos (Patriarch) Gregory the Illuminator was thrown and where he spent 13 years. The sight also offers the best view of the biblical Mount Ararat.
  • Later, you will travel to Areni village to visit one of the best wineries in Armenia – Areni, and enjoy wine tasting.
  • Not far from Areni you will visit Noravank Monastery. The road to Noravank goes through a beautiful canyon, the rocks of which abound with caves. In these caves, traces of human settlement of the 6th-5th millennia BC were found. Noravank, surrounded by bizarre red rocks, is considered to be one of the most beautiful monasteries in the world.
  • – The tour will end in Goris. Overnight in Goris.
Duration: 8-9 hours
Distance: 280km
  • 9:00 – Departure from the hotel.
  • This day will start with a trip to Khndzoresk cave settlement. This is the oldest village where the authentic view of cave dwellings has been preserved, however, not a single inhabitant is living there anymore. Walking through the cave settlement will allow you to feel the spirit of the mountain inhabitants of these caves. It is possible to get to the settlement by a suspension bridge connecting the two banks of the picturesque gorge.
  • Next trip will be to Tatev Monastery, which is considered to be the pearl of the Armenian architecture. The monastery harmoniously fits into the surrounding nature. It used to be one of the spiritual and academic centers of medieval Armenia (one of the famous universities of Armenia operated on the territory of the monastery for many years). The monastery can be reached by the Wings of Tatev aerial tramway, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest reversible cableway in the world.
  • You will have a trip down the canyon of the Vorotan River, to the famous watch point of Harsnadzor. It was the third in the chain of signal to yours, the powerful bell of which used to inform the Tatev Monastery of enemies’ invasions.
  • Traveling more down the same canyon of the Vorotan River you will enjoy another attraction, the natural Devil’s Bridge, which was formed in the Vorotan gorge over many stalactites. Pools with hot mineral water, which has healing properties, are formed under the bridge.
  • Overnight in Goris.
Duration: 6-7 hours
Distance: 120km
  • 09:00 – Check out from the hotel.
  • This day will start with a trip to Zorats Karer, which is often called the “Armenian Stonehenge”. Many experts consider Zorats Karer to be one of the oldest observatories in the world, which dates back to the 1st quarter of the 2nd millennium BC.
  • TNot far from the previous sight you will visit Shaki village and admire the beauty of the Shaki waterfall and the surrounding nature. Shaki is considered to be one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Armenia.
  • Afterwards, you will travel through Selim Pass, which used to form a part of the Silk Road and offers amazing views of the surroundings. A steep winding road rises to the top of the pass, to the famous medieval Selim caravanserai, where the caravans of merchants used to find shelter.
  • Later, you will travel around Lake Sevan along a non-tourist road and get to the village of Noratus, famous for the largest collection of Armenian khachkars (cross-stone) in the world.
  • Next, you will visit Sevan Peninsula and Lake Sevan. Sevan is the largest high-mountainous lake in the Caucasus and one of the larges high-mountainous freshwater lakes in the world. On the peninsula, after climbing more than 100 steps, you will find yourself on the top of a hill, where Sevan monastery complex (IX century) is located. From here you will also enjoy an amazing view of the pearl of Armenia.
  • The tour will end in Dilijan city. Overnight in Dilijan
Duration: 8-9 hours
Distance: 300km
  • 10:00 – Check out from the hotel.
  • This day will start with a tour around Dilijan city, where, according to Rubik jan (a beloved hero from the famous Soviet film “Mimino”, played by popular Armenian actor Frunzik Mkrtchyan), “you open a simple tap in the kitchen, water flows, which occupies the second place in the world.” You will feel the flavor of old Dilijan while walking through the old part of the city.
  • Next sight will be Matosavank Monastery, which is located about 3.5 km from Dilijan in the depths of the Dilijan National Park. You can get there only hiking through dense thickets of wild herbs and bushes.
  • Afterwards, you will have a tour to one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Armenia – Lake Parz (translated from Armenian “parz” means clear, transparent), located in the depths of mountain forests.
  • – In the heart of Dilijan National Park you will visit Haghartsin Monastery. This monastery is surrounded by mountain ranges covered with virgin forests. No less picturesque is the road leading to the monastery.
  • Next sight will be Goshavank Monastery, located in the middle of mountain ranges covered with virgin forests. The monastery was founded on the site of an older monastery called Getik, which was destroyed by an earthquake. The new monastery was founded by the famous Armenian philosopher and writer Mkhitar Gosh, who also created an outstanding educational center here. Later the monastery was renamed in honor of Mkhitar Gosh – Goshavank.
  • The tour will end in Gyumri city. Overnight in Gyumri.
Duration: 7-8 hours
Distance: 150km
  • 09:00 – Check out from the hotel.
  • This day will start with a sightseeing tour around Gyumri, the second largest city in Armenia. The city, which has a rich and glorious history, is distinguished by its special flavor and unique architecture.
  • On the way to Yerevan you will visit Amberd Fortress, the name of which can be translated as “fortress in the clouds”. The fortress is located on the slope of Mount Aragats at an altitude of more than 2000m and is distinguished by its ascetic architecture, harmoniously merging with the surrounding landscape.
  • After that you will visit the monument to the Armenian alphabet and get acquainted with one of the ancient alphabets in the world.
  • Next sight will be Saghmosavank monastery (XIII century), picturesquely towering over the steep gorge of Kasakh River.
  • Return to Yerevan. Overnight in Yerevan.
Duration: 7-8 hours
Distance: 250km
  • Check-out from the hotel at 12:00. Transfer to the airport. Departure.


  • Accommodation in a 3* hotel with double occupancy (for extra payment it is possible to change hotel to 4*or 5*)
  • Meeting in the airport and transfer to the hotel
  • Comfortable transport with a driver for your entire route
  • English speaking guide
  • Tickets for all destinations, museums cultural centers, including cable car Tatev ticket
  • Tour to Armenian winery with degustation (tasting)
  • Breakfasts in hotel
  • Seven lunches
  • Welcomed dinner
  • Boat ride in lake Sevan

Not Included

  • Flight tickets to Armenia and back
  • The rest of dinners 
  • Tour to Yerevan brandy factory — 25 $/ pers.
  • Medical insurance — recommended!
  • Personal expenses

Price List

for up to 3 persons

1600 $/per person

from 3 to 7 persons

1220 $/per person

from 8 to 16 persons

on request $

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